100% Project funding

With no upfront or due diligence fees


A funding program designed to provide 100% of construction costs over a 12 month period.

Minimum project value of $10m (No Maximum)

The program is designed to cover regular construction costs and not acquisitions

It will also not cover large initial costs such as site purchase, although the application can be initiated early in order to build up costs of site purchase or initial heavy expenditure.

An initial deposit of 20% or $2m USD will be required paid into a top rated Private Bank in Switzerland, which will be protected from fraud and depletion by a Lloyds of London insurance policy.


Program Description


·       A ‘regulated’ trading Fund in Luxembourg via a private structured Buy/Sell opportunity.

·       The minimum to participate is 2M USD or 2M EURO – there isn’t a maximum amount.

·       Investors are invited to move their funds to a top rated Private Bank in Switzerland.

·       Investor is assigned a bank officer to open an account in their name and sole signatory control in the Private Swiss Bank. This is not a sub-account or trader’s account.

·       Contract is for 6 months with rolls & extensions so ‘multiple’ 6 month terms available.

·       Lloyds of London policy issued with Investor as ‘Beneficiary’ for 100% of their principal.

·       Investor’s funds are blocked ‘internally’ as instructed by Investor to their bank officer.

·       Trading starts after funds clear client’s account, insurance issued and funds blocked.

·       Investor’s return is 50% of the buy/sell profit or spread earned per tranche or trade.

·       Spreads can range from 5% to 20% per tranche. Average is 16 tranches per month.

·       Minimum return is 5 x 16 ÷ 2 or 40% net per month with possible 4x that per month.

·       Consultant Fee remitted by platform from their 50% share of Buy/Sell spread/profit.

·       The Investor can ‘compound’ their profit every 6 months or they can open additional accounts in same bank to add ‘new’ capital and start additional Buy/Sell contracts.

·       Investors can view their bank account(s) ‘on line’ 24/7 and see their profits accruing.